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Susan Mihm

Susan Mihm

2nd & 3rd Grade Teacher

Of all St. John’s faculty members, Susan Mihm has taught here the longest. Mrs. Mihm, whose teaching career started in 1988 at St. Phillip Lutheran School in Chicago, came to St. John in 1996. She’s seen the school through different stages and she’s got a perspective she passes along to all the children in her care.

“I tell my students, ‘Academics are important, but what’s most important is becoming kind, God-loving, Christian people,’ ” she says. “I tell them ‘You can learn math and science at other schools, but your parents put you here because you’ll hear God’s Word every day—in daily devotions and chapel and in the classroom. That is what makes St. John special. That is the most important part of your day. And you’re getting an excellent education too!’ ”

Earlier in her career, Mrs. Mihm taught preschool and kindergarten students. Now that she’s working with children who are a bit older, she’s gratified to see their growth.

“They have a deeper understanding of Bible stories now,” she says. “Things like Jesus washing his disciples’ feet: They’ll tell me, ‘Instead of just telling them to love people, Jesus is showing them.’ They get the meaning now and apply it to their lives today.”

Mrs. Mihm has a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education from Concordia University-River Forest, Illinois.

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