St. John Lutheran School | Middle School
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Middle School

Our middle-school is structured to equip 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students with the academic skills and spiritual foundation they will need to succeed in high-school and beyond. They’re also encouraged to collaborate within in their peer groups as they explore each academic subject. In addition to a robust academic program, St. John middle schoolers can participate in athletics, art, band, and drama.

Because open lines of communication between faculty and parents are so crucial to a student’s success, we provide an on-line portal that allows you, and your student(s), to monitor academic progress as grades are posted and updated throughout a semester. We also employ the use of Google Classroom and Chromebooks to augment a student’s in-class instruction and help them keep track of assignments.

Above all, our focus is on teaching every subject with a Biblical worldview. Each school day begins with a devotional period during which teachers and students study God’s Word together. Students also attend Religion classes as well as a weekly chapel service.